Review: Biomarkers and Role in the Prediction and Detection of Type 2 Diabetes and Its Complications

Biomarkers are Novel and Revered Tools and Technologies (NORETs) which have helped previous studies anticipate diverse disease conditions and complications as well as provide similarly close prognosis for them. These NORETs in rare but common studies regarding Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) has helped health care professionals and scientists identify health-worthy indications relating to T2D complications and potential risk factors. Biomarkers in its own way debuting in the diagnosis and prognosis of T2D has provided health care professionals with the basic kits of understanding how these diseases manifest from seemingly mild problems which we often times ignore to complicated problems, also indicating possible causes. In this study, the pathophysiology of T2D was subtly exhausted pointing the focus towards the rapidly modifying metabolic manifestations of T2D as well as its risk complications. This study thus reveals the on-going advancement of biomarkers in fully understanding, identifying, diagnosing and treating T2D


Ikpotokin Samuel Osahon

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