Biomarkers Journal is open access, interdisciplinary journal for the rapid publication of original articles and reviews that focus on basic research in all areas of Biomarkers. The journal is broad scoped and considers topics from all related subjects of Therapeutic monitoring biomarkers, Oncology Biomarkers, Biomarkers in Drug Discovery and Development, Immuno Oncology Biomarkers, Medical Biomarkers, Biomarkers in Drug Therapy Efficacy - response biomarkers, Regulation of Biomarkers, Tissue markers, Biomarkers of Cardiovascular Disease, Biomarkers and human bio-monitoring, Death of marker animals, Blood biomarkers, Protein biomarkers, Fluorescent biomarkers, Biomarkers for Bipolar Disorder, Behavioral markers, Predictive Biomarkers, RNA biomarkers, DNA Biomarkers, Environmental Biomarkers, Analytical biomarkers, Cytogenic biomarkers, Metabolomic biomarkers, Biochemical markers, Proteomic biomarkers, Genomic Biomarkers, Inflammatory markers, Autism Biomarkers, Biomarkers in Drug Development, Pharmacodynamic biomarkers, Molecular Biomarkers, and all related areas are welcome for publication in this peer-reviewed open access periodical.

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